What is medixain

Health data fragmentation is an emerging problem in the modern healthcare world, with arguably one of the largest direct impacts on the lives of everyday people. We propose a multi-layered medical wallet solution, based on Blockchain technology. This system provides user access and mediation of their medical data. This will solve the current health data and inaccessibility problem, leveraging the possibility to analyse medical data on large scales, while giving patients the ability to control their own data. Their ability to grant and withdraw data access to medical doctors, hospitals, pharmaceutical research institutions or even other patients on different levels of aggregation pushes a massive increase in data privacy and security but also allows for wider analysis solutions.

Layered Wallets

Mobile applications that integrate layers of Blockchain-based wallets with different levels of data aggregation as well as functionalities.

User Interaction

Patients can directly and anonymously interact with other patients on the basis of aggregated as well as verified data to establish the needed trust to discuss individual experiences that forums can’t.

Corporate Interaction

Our layered wallets allow for various interactions with medical doctors, institutions and corporations that require user acceptances. This removes the intermediary for such interactions and lets the patient profit directly.

Blockchain Intelligence Framework

The entire system is based on the Blockchain Intelligence Framework by XAIN that applies reinforcement learning to secure and stabilise a distributed and permissioned Blockchain network, involving processes of legal entities.

Download our Whitepaper (last updated: May 18, 2017)

About Us

Medixain is a cross industry and science project initiated as a subsidiary of XAIN and the Big Data Institute at the University of Oxford to establish a personalized data framework for medical data. As such, it contributes not only scientifically but also on the engineering side with radical new storage and analysis opportunities to leverage medical advances. XAIN itself has been established in London based on AI and Blockchain doctoral research projects of the founding team at Imperial College London and the University of Oxford. The focus of XAIN lies upon the development of automated applications for highly sensible data based on our Blockchain Intelligence Framework.

Our Team

Why you
Should choose Us?

We developed the first program to optimize corporate Blockchain systems for security & resilience in cost range (registered patent).

Our unique mining technology offers a fast & resilient data consensus, optimized for cycle times.

We combine Blockchains & Artificial Intelligence to stabilize Blockchains at runtime, achieving our Blockchain Intelligence Framework as a corporate platform.

Unique combination of industry & academia with leading research institutions like Imperial College London and University of Oxford.

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